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​​​Cake Pop Tray

Cake Pops for your event. Baby or Wedding, Shower, Birthday, Graduation, Holiday--you name it!  We can customize the color and design to match your theme. Vanilla, chocolate, pumpkin spice, red velvet

30 Cake Pops  $68.00

24 Cake Pops  $60.00

12 Cake Pops  $35.00

Custom Decorated Gluten Free Sugar or Gingerbread Boy Cookies

(We can do different shapes and colors for specific themes/events//showers/weddings/holidays.  Just ask!)

$30.00/dozen custom and up

Elegant Cookie Tray/Holiday Cookies/Weddings/Themed Cookies/Bridal-Baby Showers

A Pizzelle Centerpiece with assorted delicious cookies. We can customize cookies of your choosing, holiday or leave it to us.  We can also do the trays without pizzelles.  (Vegan Tray Option)

12" Tray $45.00 Serves 20-25

16" Tray $75.00 Serves 30-50

18" Tray $90.00 Serves 50-75

Gluten Free Cookies in Naples, Fl

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Gluten Free Serving Collier & Lee 

Forgetaboudit Gluten Free Home Bakery in Naples, Florida

Fondant Decorated Cake Pops

Fondant decorated gluten free cake pops for your event. Birthday, Baby or Wedding Shower, Holiday--you name it!  We can customize the color and design to match your theme.

$4.00 each


If you don't see your favorites, ask!

Chocolate Chip (dairy free option)  $12/dozen

M&M Cookies                                     $14/dozen

GF or Vegan Oatmeal

 choices: Raisin or Cranberry           $12/dozen

GF or Vegan Peanut Butter               $12/dozen

Peanut Butter Kiss Cookies              $15/dozen

SunButter Kiss Cookies (nut-free)   $15/dozen

Pizzelles                                               $12/dozen

Butter Spritz Cookies                         $12/dozen

Ginger Molasses (Dairy free option) $12/dozen

Coconut Macaroons                          $12/dozen

Chocolate Meringues                        $12/dozen

Russian Tea Cakes                             $15/dozen

Chocolate Peanut Butter
   Buckeyes (vegan option)                $12/dozen
Almond Amaretti                               $15/dozen

Butter Pecan                                      $12/dozen

Vegan Iced Pumpkin Cookies          $12/dozen

Chocolate Caramel Turtle

   Thumbprint                                     $18/dozen

Pignoli Amaretti                                $18/dozen

Rainbow 7-Layer Cookies                $18/dozen

Chocolate Amaretti                          $15/dozen

Rugelach                                            $16/dozen

Paleo Mini Pecan Pie Tarts              $18/dozen

Springerle                                          $18/dozen

Heart/Round Linzer Cookies

  with Raspberry/Apricot Jam         $18/dozen
Mini Almond Raspberry

   Bakewell Tarts                               $18/dozen

Vegan Chocolate Raspberry

  Thumbprint Cookies                      $15/dozen

Pecan Tassies                                   $18/dozen

Biscotti                                              $12/dozen

Sugar Cookies w/sprinkles             $12/dozen

Almond Italian Chocolate Spice     $15/dozen

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Gluten and Dairy Free/Vegan

Cookie Tray

Assorted delicious vegan cookies.  Double Chocolate Chip, Pecan Tarts, Spritz, Peanut Butter Chocolate Thumbprints, Iced Cinnamon Pumpkin

12" Tray $40.00 Serves 20-25

16" Tray $65.00 Serves 30-50

18" Tray $90.00 Serves 60-90


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Halloween Cookie Tray

Assorted Gluten Free Halloween/Fall  Cookies all ready for your Ghosts and Goblins.  Please order 2 weeks ahead.

12" Tray (serves 20-25)  $40.00

16" Tray (serves 30-40)  $55.00

* Large orders need to be placed at least 5 days in advance of your event please

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