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Our Motto is: "Gluten free should not be boring!".  Wheat eaters will love our  products too. Who Knew!?!

A cookie from the heart

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Karen's scrumptious delights along with impeccable basket and plated presentations have become a part of what her family and friends clamor for during these special occasions.  When many of her friends could not enjoy her traditional wheat cookies due to allergies, the idea of gluten-free cookie trays and baked goods came to fruition so she could continue to share her joy and passion of baking.

Word of mouth about these amazing cookies and delectable treats traveled quickly and demand for her delights increased tremendously, which led her to the opening of home based Forgetaboudit Bakery.


Forgetaboudit Gluten Free Home Bakery in Naples, Florida

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* Large orders need to be placed at least 5 days in advance of your event please

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We want to be your go-to gluten-free bakery.  Many diets today are gluten free and we want you to enjoy delicious beautiful baked goods.  Let us do the work for you without fuss.  Ask about special dietary choices. 

Gluten Free Serving Collier & Lee 

Owner, Karen Hill, has been baking cookies since she was a little girl in her hometown in N.J.  Growing up in an Italian home Karen spent a lot of time in the kitchen with her mother learning old world techniques and honing the incredible baking skills she possesses today.  

Holiday treats and specialty cookies have always been  a large part of Karen's holiday traditions and family gatherings over the years.   She has baked 1,000's of cookies during the holiday seasons and special events, as well as presenting them as gifts for friends and family.